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This a How To on Riaso Xilond, and no I am know going to show you a Video on How-To make Riaso 100% copy of him. This is what you need to us to make Riaso.

The Main things: The main thing you need the most for Riaso are Lego Pieces, lego Studs, and black or dark green and Purple Parts.

Color: For color there are two different color you can use, Black and Purple or Dark Green and Purple. Those are the main color of Riaso and do not use any other Green Color.

Head: for the head you need to use Lego pieces for this, what that make him different from other MOC is the creepy big eye. The big eyes have to be the lego Studs the color of eye would work is White or a Glow in the Dark piece (don't care what Glow in the Dark color you use), another thing you need is horns. The mask you need the most is a Kanohi Mata Kaukau in Trans-Black if you are making him Black and Purple or Trans-Green if your making him Dark Green and Pueple.

Body: To make the body there mainly only one thing you need to do because it the main thing of Riaso and that is the chest armor have to be made out of Lego Pieces because that what he had when he was first made.

Arms: For the Arms, the upper arm armor just use Inika Shoulder Armor if you are not making it custom or if you are making it custom use the Kanohi Pakari, or with the right armor you can use Kanohi Kakama Nuva in Black. The lower arm if your not making custom use the Inika lower arms mainly like the one from Jaller and Kongu or if custom use HF armor. 

Legs: The upper leg use the Skrall Armor mainly in Pruple but Black and work and this is optional, you can give Riaso Rahkshi hips. The lower legs use the piraka legs if you make the leg with no custom, and armor for both custom or not, just the Metru Feet or Skrall armor.

Feet: Just use the Nuparu Inika feet in Black or Dark Green and that's it.

Weapons: For the Weapon, make a gun that can be taken part and make it in a different type of weapon like this one (Link) and for The Melee weapon a red light saber. Or use the ball in Dark Purple and have 3 different weapon because the ball change into 3 different weapons, a ShotGun and a Sword, the 3rd one I don't know what to make it yet.

And this is all you need have use to make Riaso, so if someone wanted to make Riaso (thay I don't think anyone is going to make Riaso). Now goodday :)
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United States
Hey guys I am Riaso, I live in Kansas and I'm a MOCer and a Ranter to you are going to see me rant on things, my SelfMOCs is Riaso and Manix, My former SelfMOC is Saido Dieono.
I am crazy for Nachos i just love them it is really good.
I have been a fan of Bionicle from the very start, later on i enjoyed other things from LEGO like Exo-Force, Ninjago, galaxy squad and Hero Factory.

I do like to see some criticism of any type and like to know what I should work on and fix on my MOCs and future MOCs.

If you want to talk to me you can contact me on Skype or Google+ but you will see me mostly on skype.
If you want to play with me on Xbox and/or PC, my Xbox live is ShadowWolfHD but you not going to be seeing me on there a lot because I mainly play PC now (plus I hate Microsoft) and my Steam and Origin is ShadowWolfHount. You will see me more on BlackLight and PayDay.

Skype and Steam: ShadowWolfHount
Xbox: ShadowWolfHD

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TheAxelandx1 Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey bro do u have skype?
Yes, you can see it on my deviantID, it's ShadowWolfHount
TheAxelandx1 Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i added , btw nice icon XD
Ira-Nui Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch! :)
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how's life been?
Maxustech Jan 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Happy Birthday!
scionlight34 Jan 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Happy Birthday! :iconrainbowbummiecakeplz:
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