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Bullet; Black(Note this journal will be updated from times and please share this if you want to)Bullet; Black

Hello everyone, as some of you know aka my friends and anyone who read the Bio (I put in every time I make a new MOC and update those Bios(if any of you think it's a bionicle story then... I'm thinking of how you got that idea?)) is that I am making my own story project that is called Taran.

Bullet; Purple---------------------------------------------Bullet; Purple

(Note there are some that don’t have names yet but will have a ____ in it to know that it do not have a name yet)

Taran will have different Species, Characters, religion, planet (but for right now you’re just going to see one planet =P ) and other stuff. With characters you will be seeing a lot in story will be family members of the Dieono (like Nieson and Saido) and Okraxan (like ____) but you’ll see other character having their own story like Elreiz, Manix and Posaivi.
For religion there are some main religion to the story like _____ that think that there was planet makers who turn theme selves into planets and make new life or another religion that is being worked witch is inspired by Christianity (here a hint in the story, there is going to be a religious war)

In Taran there is going to be Xilond that I’m not going into it because there will be a dA post about them later but what I will say is that they can use Xiluns that let them change it into two weapons that they are most useful and give they one ability (like with Riaso it’s the Mace and Sniper and his ability I don’t know will be shielding or invisibility), they are a race of any species like the Razaroos, Kaishekk (known to be the most rare) and Human.

 Bullet; Purple---------------------------------------------Bullet; Purple

There is a lot of thing that are being worked on from what I just brought up, to animal. Help is always welcome and if you want to help with the story and add something in it, please let me know and I’ll add you name to next to your idea or be on the list and “thanks to these helpers”

Bullet; Purple---------------------------------------------Bullet; Purple

I will have a list (with links if info are uploaded) for any Spices, religion and planets.


  • Humans
  • Razaroos
  • Kaishekk
  • Living Sands (live only in ____)
  • Praknost (coming soon)



  • (all WIP)



  • (all WIP)



  • Sevis

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Riaso happy little helpers:
...there are none

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United States
Hey guys I am Riaso, I live in Kansas and I'm a MOCer and a Ranter to you are going to see me rant on things, my SelfMOCs is Riaso and Manix, My former SelfMOC is Saido Dieono.
I am crazy for Nachos i just love them it is really good.
I have been a fan of Bionicle from the very start, later on i enjoyed other things from LEGO like Exo-Force, Ninjago, galaxy squad and Hero Factory.

I do like to see some criticism of any type and like to know what I should work on and fix on my MOCs and future MOCs.

If you want to talk to me you can contact me on Skype or Google+ but you will see me mostly on skype.
If you want to play with me on Xbox and/or PC, my Xbox live is ShadowWolfHD but you not going to be seeing me on there a lot because I mainly play PC now (plus I hate Microsoft) and my Steam and Origin is ShadowWolfHount. You will see me more on BlackLight and PayDay.

Skype and Steam: ShadowWolfHount
Xbox: ShadowWolfHD

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